Lecture 10 October 2023

The Institute of Steel Structures invites you to the lecture «THE INHERENT RESILIENCE OF LARGE CITIES TO NATURAL HAZARDS: RECORDS, EVIDENCE AND PREDICTIONS» from Professor Nicos Makris, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, on Tuesday 10th October 2023, at 16:00, in the Auditorium of the Institute.

you may also watch the lecture from: https://centralntua.webex.com/centralntua/j.php?MTID=m1c790ed11e6726a25242d38310271321


The lecture will be recorded and the video will be uploaded on SSRS or ISS YouTube account. In the video, the names of the participants may be mentioned and their faces may be shown if they have their camera on, or their possible comments or questions may be heard. Attending the lecture implies automatic acceptance of the above.