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Research Projects for Bacic and Applied Research

Research Projects for Bacic Research

  1. ADDOPTML, a new MSCA-RISE-2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange project. Principal aim (ADDitively Manufactured OPTimized Structures by means of Machine Learning) is to create and test an holistic optimum design – additive manufacturing process of civil structures by a multi-disciplinary team of academic experts and SMEs from Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Netherlands and Spain, participation from Institute of Steel Structures: Prof. C. Gantes,  May 2021-2025, details:  http://addoptml.ntua.gr/
  2. METIS, Methods and tools innovations for seismic risk assessment, Scientific Coordinator Assoc. Prof. D. Vamvatsikos, budget 3,965,335.00€, Sept. 2020 - Aug. 2024. details: https://metis-h2020.eu/
  3. YADES, Training on improved resilience and sustainable reconstruction of cultural heritage areas, budget 1,909,000.00€, Jan. 2020 - Dec. 2023. details: https://yades-project.eu/
  4. HYPERION, Development of a decision support system for improved resilience and sustainable reconstruction of historic areas to cope with climate change and extreme events based on novel sensors and advanced modelling tools, budget 5,997,728.75€, June 2019 - Nov. 2022. details: https://www.hyperion-project.eu/
  5. INFRASTRESS, Improving resilience of sensitive industrial plants & infrastructures exposed to cyber-physical threats, Ιουν 2019 - Μάϊος 2021. details: https://www.infrastress.eu/
  6. ARCHYTAS, Archetypal telemetry and decision support system for the protection of monumental structures, budget 743,276.99€, Aug. 2018 - Apr. 2022, details: http://archytas.ntua.gr/
  7. DISSIPABLE – Fully dissipative and easily repairable devices for resilient buildings with composite steel-concrete structures, Politecnico di Milano, Instituto Superior Técnico, National Technical University of Athens, D. Sofras – Masina Team SA, and others, budget 1,814,811.65 €, (Scientific Coordinator Prof. I. Vayas), June 2018 - May 2021. details: dissipable_en.pdf   http://dissipable.ntua.gr/partners.php
  8. PANOPTIS, Development of a Decision Support System for increasing the Resilience of Transportation Infrastructure based on combined use of terrestrial and airborne sensors and advanced modelling tools, H2020-MG-2016-2017/H2020-MG-2017, details:  http://www.panoptis.eu/
  9. EQUALJOINTS-PLUS, Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS-AM-2016- 754048), partners: NTUA, UNINA, Imperial College, Universidade de Coimbra, ULg, UPT, ECCS, AMBD, UNISA, CVUT and others, (Coordinator for NTUA team Prof. I. Vayas), budget: 1,218,711.55€, 2017 - 2019.
  10. ANGELHY, Innovative solutions for design and strengthening of telecommunications and transmission lattice towers using large angles from high strength steel and hybrid techniques of angles with FRP strips, RFCS 753993, partners: NTUA (Coordinator), Arcelormittal, U Liege, COSMOTE, CTICM, Sika France budget: 220.392,50€, 2017–2021. details:  angelhy_en.pdf
  11. DAAD-project: Verstärkungsmaßnahmen und innovative Messmethoden im Stahlbau, Cooperation project with BTU Cottbus, Germany. Βudget 80.508,00 €, 2017–2019.
  12. INNOSEIS, Valorization of innovative anti-seismic devices, RFCS 709434, project coordinator N.T.U.Athens, partners ECCS, Universities of Milan, Pisa, Napoli, Timisoara, Aachen, Lisbon, Sofia, Hasselt and Maurer Söhne GmbH & Co. KG, budget 597.392 €, (Scientific Coordinator Prof. I. Vayas), July 2016 - December 2017. details:   innoseis_en.pdf
  13. ΜATCH, Material Choice for Seismic Resistant Structures, financier: European Community, Programme RFSR-CT-2013-00024, partners: RWTH Aachen, UNIPIUniversity di Pisa, Thessaly University, TUT, Tampere University of Technnology, RuukkiRautaruukkiOyj, ILVA S.p.A., Budget: 1.394.599€, (Scientific Coordinator Prof. I. Vayas), 2013-2016. details:  match_en.pdf
  14. ENSSTRAM – Novel design concepts for ENergy related Steel STRuctures using Advanced Μaterials financier:General Secretariat for Research and Technology (Aristeia II - 4916), partners: National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), University of Patras (UP), Budget: 296,000.00€, (Scientific Coordinator Prof. C. Gantes), 2014-2015. details:  ensstram_en.pdf
  15. Seismic bahaviour of steel storage pallet racking systems (SEISRACKS2), programme RFCS. partners University of  Milan, Liege, Aachen and four companies, (Scientific Coordinator Prof. I. Vayas), 2011-2014. details:  seisracks2_en.pdf
  16. NAT-SEI-ISO, Thalis Programme, 2012-2015 (coordinator G. Boukovalas, participation C. Gantes).
  17. AIOLOS, Thalis Programme, 2012-2015 (coordinator E. Sapounztakis, participation C. Gantes).
  18. DeReStAr-Development of structural DEsign REcommendations for Steel ARches, Πρόγραμμα Marie Curie — Intra-European Fellowships, budget: 116,808.55€, 2009-2010 (coordinator C. Gantes).
  19. FUSEIS, Dissipative devices for seismic resistant steel frames, RFS-PR-07008, Collaboration with Universities of Milan, Aachen, Lisbon and SIDENOR, (Scientific Coordinator Prof. I. Vayas), 2008-2010.  details:  fuseis_en.pdf
  20. Design of light metal nets rural support structures, Collaboration with Agricultural University of Athens (Coordinator D. Briashoulis, participation I. Vayas), 2005-2006.
  21. PLASTOTOUGH, Modern plastic design for steel structures, Financing ECSC (European Coal and Steel Community), Collaboration with Aachen University and 2 Companies, (Coordinator Prof. I. Vayas), 2005-2008. details:  plastotough_en.pdf
  22. PROHITECH, Earthquake Protection of Historical Buildings by Reversible Mixed Technologies, Collaboration with 14 Universities, (Scientific Coordinator Prof. I. Vayas), 2004-2006. details:  prohitech_en.pdf
  23. Evaluation, prioritization and reduction of seismic risk of the National Telecommunications Network, Collaboration with Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE), Aristotele University oh Thessaloniki and Univerity of Patras, (Scientific Coordinator Prof. I. Vayas), 2003-2005.
  24. Building and design system of composite construction,Collaboration of CCS και 6 Steel Structure Companies (Scientific Coordinator Prof. I. Vayas), 2003-2005.
  25. Stability of simple entities using the Disaster theory, Thalis Programme, 2003 (participation Ι. Raftoyiannis).
  26. Innovative earthquake resistant design, INERD, Financing ECSC (European Coal and Steel Community), Collaboration with Universities of Liege, Milan, Trendo, Lisbon and ARBED Steelworks, (Scientific Coordinator Prof. I. Vayas), 2001-2004.  details:  inerd.pdf
  27. Development of new wheel design gate rules of hydroelectric projects, DEI-NTUA-University of Manitoba, 2001, (participation Ι. Raftoyiannis).
  28. Evaluation of the low cycle fatigue bahaviour os steel framed structures in seismic areas, 2000-2002 (Scientific Coordinator Prof. I. Vayas).
  29. Torque connections in metal construction of frame, Financing GGET, Collaboration of Greece and Slovenia, 1998-2000 (Scientific Coordinator Prof. I. Vayas).
  30. Reliability of Moment Resistant Connections of Steel Building Frames in Seismic Areas, Programme COPERNICUS, Collaboration with Universities of Napoli, Lisbon, Liege, Rennes, Timisoara, Sophia, Ljubljana, 1997-99 (Scientific Coordinator Prof. I. Vayas).
  31. Investigation of the strength and stiffness of semi-rigid nodes in steel and composite frames, Collaboration with Universities of Braunschweig and Cottbus. Financing GGET, 1992-95.
  32. Theoretical and experimental observation of behavior beam-column joints under monotonic and cyclic loading. Financing OASP, 1993-94 (Coordinator Ι. Vayas).
  33. Formulate criteria and additional rules and existing provisions of modern anti-seismic regulations. Financing: OASP, 1993-94.
  34. Behavior walled frame nodes under cyclic tension. Financing: Volkswagen-Stiftung, 1991-93 (Scientific Coordinator Prof. I. Vayas).
  35. Determination of stability of reinforced steel plates under normal and shear forces with the help of experiments. Financing: German Research Company DFG.
  36. Solving foundation bearing capacity problems on slopes with the help of three-dimensional finite element. Financing: German Research Company DFG.

Educational Programs

  1. Programme TEMPUS 11297 "Quality Assessment of Materials and Structural Reliability". Collaboration of 12 Universities from France (ENS Cachan), England (University of Nottingham and Manchester), Italy (Universita di Napoli), Belgium (Universite de Liege) and Romania, 1996-99, (Coordinator Prof. I. Vayas).
  2. Programme CME 01198 "Preparation de seminaires et de materiel publicitaire sur les normes d' ingenierie faisant partie d' EUROCODE". Collaboration of Universities from France, Germany, England, Italy, Belgium and Ρουμανία, 1996, (Coordinator Prof. I. Vayas).
  3. Collaboration programmes with Balkan and former Eastern countries. 1994, 1995, 1996. (Coordinator Prof. I. Vayas).
  4. Programme ΤΕΜPUS 2184 "Eurocodes et calcul des Structures par methodes informatiques". Participation of Universities from Hungary (Budapest), Poland (Krakow), France (Clermont Ferrant), Germany (Cottbus), Portugal (Lissabon) and England (Salford), 1992-1994 (Coordinator Prof. I. Vayas).
  5. Programme ΤΕΜPUS 4502 "The introduction of Eurocode Standards and the improvement of Higher Education and Training in Civil Engineering in Romania". Participation of 4 Romanian, 2 French, one British and one Genman Universities. 1992-1995 (Coordinator Prof. I. Vayas).