Avraam Tasos
Assistant Professor
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

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  1. Non Linear Behavior of Steel Structures
  2. Steel Structures III
  3. Cold Formed Steel Structures

Selected Journal Publications:

  1. Avraam, T.P., Pantis ,M.A.,Kounadis ,A.N., “ Snap-through buckling of a simple frame with a tangential load” ,Acta Mechanica, vol.36, pp.119-127, 1980.
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Selected Conference Papers:

  1. Avraam, T.P. , “Elastica stability analysis of a simple frame with varying stiffness”, 8ο Εθνικό Συνέδριο Μηχανικής ,Vol. II, pp. 883-888, Πάτρα Ιούλιος 2007
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