Vayas Ioannis
Professor Emeritus
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Brief CV:

Prof. I. Vayas is graduate from the School of Civil Engineering at the National Technical University in Athens (1976), Dr.-Ing. of the Technical University of Braunschweig (1981) Germany and Welding Engineer of SLV Hannover. He holds a honorary doctorate from the University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He teaches design of steel structures, composite steel-concrete structures and design of steel and composite bridges. He is author of 9 books in Greek, 3 in German and one in English, all from renowned Publishers. He is author of 60 papers in International Journals and around 100 papers in international Conference Proceedings.  He participated as scientific responsible in numerous (30) basic and applied research projects on seismic behavior and design of steel structures, analysis and design of composite bridges, masts and towers for telecommunications, assessment and seismic strengthening of historical buildings and monuments, behavior and design of sandwich panels, analysis and design of composite slabs etc. with major funding from the EU, various companies and the Greek Ministry of Science and Technology.  He designed numerous projects that include, among others, various steel structures, buildings, composite bridges, cut-and cover tunnels, towers and masts and served as expert on the causes of structural failures. He has worked on drafting panels for National and International regulations, like for Eurocode 3, where he serves as national representative of Greece.  From 2011 he serves as Director of the Institute of Steel Structures at NTUA.


  1. Design of Steel Building (post-gratuate)

Selected Journal Publications:

  1. Tsarpalis D, Vamvatsikos D, Vayas I, Delladonna F (2021), Simplified Modeling for the Seismic Performance Assessment of Automated Rack-Supported Warehouses, J. Structural Engineering ASCE, Vol 147 (11),
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  3. Vlachakis K, Beyer A, Vayas I (2021) Tragverhalten von Fachwerkmasten aus Winkelprofilen, Stahlbau 90 (2021), 6, 425-440
  4. Fasoulakis Z, Pasternak H, Vayas I, Li Z (2021) Stützen-Riegel-Knoten ohne und mit geklebter CFK-Verstärkung -Versuche und numerische Simulationen, Bauingenieur 96 (20117), 6, 201-211,
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  15. I. Iliopoulos, S. Smyrnaios, I. Vayas: Truss models for inerlastic stability analysis and design of steel plate girders, Engineering Structures, Vol. 105, 12/2015, p 165-173.

Selected Conference Papers:

  1. Avgerinou S., Lignos X. , Thanopoulos P., Vayas I., Full scale tests on moment resistant frames under cyclic loading, 8th EUROSTEEL 2017
  2. Vayas I., Vamvatsikos D., Thanopoulos P., Innovative systems for seismic resistance – the INNOSEIS project, 8th EUROSTEEL 2017
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  5. Tsarpalis P., Vayas I., Thanopoulos P., FUSEIS pin links: INFORMATION BROCHURES and design of Case study, COMPDYN 1017